Academic programs

What are the conditions for a group to receive the academic rate?

The conditions for a group to receive the academic rate are:
-­‐The students must stay in multiple occupancy rooms (3 to 4 people), each with their own bed and
separated by gender
-­‐The payment needs to be deposited directly to the UGACR Campus account in Costa Rica.

What does the academic rate include?

The academic rate includes lodging (multiple-­‐occupancy rooms for students, each with their own bed), Wi-­‐Fi, three Costa Rican style meals per day, classroom, laboratories, variety on campus activities, and taxes.For questions regarding laboratory equipment or research permits please contact Jose Montero atresearchcr@uga.edu
Research permits are an additional cost.

Are there computers available on campus?

Our library has computers available for student and faculty use. In addition, there is a GIS laboratory with more specialized computers.

Can UGA Costa Rica help with reservations in other parts of Costa Rica? 

Yes, we can arrange transportation, lodging and activities in other parts in Costa Rica to complement your program at UGA Costa Rica. A flat logistics fee of $400.00 is charged in these cases.