When:  Continuous (ideally 3-6 month position, 10-week minimum commitment, with flexible start-end dates)
Where:  University of Georgia (UGA) Costa Rica Campus, San Luis de Monteverde, Costa Rica
Who is eligible:  Applications will be considered for students who have completed their junior year of undergraduate study in photojournalism or a closely related field, however recent graduates in this field are preferred. Graduate students are also eligible to apply.

Job Description
The Photojournalism Intern will be responsible for maintaining the UGA Costa Rica blog, coordinating with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media postings. They will be responsible for writing and editing content as well as maintaining an organized file of various media (photographs, video) documenting activities at both the UGACR campus and community activities of interest. Skills in photo editing are preferred. The Photojournalism Intern will also be expected to develop a suite of concept proposals to be carried out over the course of the internship. Upon project approval, the Photojournalism Interns will provide workplans with completion schedules, which will be of personal/professional interest to the Intern and should additionally meet the expressed interests of UGA Costa Rica and the San Luis community.

Storytelling is a central feature of the Photojournalism internship. He or she will be expected to identify a story, person, issue, etc. and tell the story through the use of various media. The number of projects undertaken during the internship will be dependent upon its duration as well as the complexity of the story being developed. Projects may be a series of short stories or a larger, more complex single story—this will be up to the Photojournalism intern to decide.

Desired Skills

The Photojournalism Internship is a team project—while Photojournalism Interns must exhibit strong ability to work independently to carry out projects, it is expected that they will interact with education abroad programs, the UGACR campus and Athens Office Staff, and San Luis community members in support of UGA Costa Rica's mission. 

Applicants for the Photojournalism Internship will be considered based on the following skills and criteria:

  • Demonstrated knowledge about digital photography and video, including image capture and editing;
  • Experience using editing software (e.g., Photoshop, InDesign, movie editing software);
  • Experience in creating and maintaining a blog;
  • Strong narrative writing skills with ability to write coherent, detail-oriented photo captions;
  • Proven ability to work independently and on team projects;
  • Strong oral communication skills;
  • Demonstrated research skills for new project development.

It is not obligatory that the Photojournalism Interns speak Spanish, although this is highly desired, nor is it obligatory that they have prior experience on extended outdoor/wilderness travel, although this will be considered.

Read complete job description.

Application Procedure and Deadline

To apply for the Photojournalism Internship, print and complete the application form found here. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.