Services for non-UGA academic programs

Academic Services

The level of involvement from the campus academic staff is defined by the faculty leading the program. Our on-campus academic staff includes a field biologist, an agroecologist and a natural resource manager. These three staff members provide training and mentoring to eight specialized interns (Resident Naturalists and Sustainable Agriculture Interns), who serve as instructors and facilitators of the educational activities offered (e.g. lectures, nature hikes, workshops, see complete list below) to academic groups both on campus and in its vicinity. Our academic staff work in coordination with faculty, researchers and entrepreneurs from Monteverde area and other Costa Rican universities/organizations who are willing to share their knowledge with the visiting groups.

Logistical Services

The office of logistics at UGACR is ready to facilitate the design and implementation of truly transformative and authentic educational opportunities for students of all ages (primary school to university) in Costa Rica. We currently host more than 30 programs annually. Logistical services provided include ground transportation, hotel and restaurant reservations, and field trips to other destinations (such as national parks and museums, tours, and visits to Costa Rican universities). Our office specializes in managing and streamlining program logistics to make it easy for faculty to focus on the academic content, not logistical details. Services do not include air travel or traveler’s insurance.

Other Services

Lodging for students, faculty, researchers and tourists. Food service (three meals per day), laundry and high speed internet in the central campus area. For more details, see facilities section below.