What species exist in San Luis de Monteverde?

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What is the process to carry out a research project at UGACR?               

First you have to clearly define what is your research question, research objectives and methods. You must also define what services and assistance you would need from our campus and staff. Visit the left menu under research services.

Second, you must  write an email to Jose Montero,  at researchcr@uga.edu, with the information about your research project and services needed.

Can UGACR assist with research permits?

Yes, please visit the left menu under permits.

What resources do you have at UGACR for research?

We have basic resources, we ask that every researcher brings its own set of specialized equipment and expendables. Please inquire with Jose Montero (esearchcr@uga.edu) for an updated list of lab equipment.

Can UGACR staff assist with my research?

Yes, we can provide assistance as long as it is previously coordinated. Additional fees will apply.

What are the accommodations like for researchers?

It will depend on campus occupancy. Most researchers will stay in the interns/researchers village on campus which has multiple occupancy and shared bathrooms/showers separated by gender.