Services offered to researchers at UGACR

Access to campus grounds for research activities

Includes forest reserve, farm and other campus grounds.

Access to lab facilities

UGACR offers state of the art field lab facilities. Researchers are responsible for bringing their own materials and equipment.  

Access to stakeholder network

UGACR provides logistical support for establishing connections with stakeholders with the Conservation Zone, the Bellbird Biological Corridor, and the rest of Costa Rica.

Room and board

UGACR offers discounted room and board fees for researchers. Inquire for prices.

Research vehicle rental

Inquire for availability and prices.

Research Permits

Visit our research permits page.

To reserve any of the listed services

Please email: 


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My research experience at UGA-CR has been exceptional.  The facilities are very well suited to conduct research.  Overall accommodations, availability of computers, internet access and interaction with students, faculty and staff provide everything I need to be an effective researcher.  They arrange transportation to and from the campus each time I arrive.  I have found everyone to be very helpful and the trucks available for field research allows me to travel throughout Costa Rica to collect samples which is critical for my research.  I have dedicated laboratory space for sample preparation and analysis that includes microscopes, glassware and instrumentation.  And the facilities allow my students to live on campus while gaining invaluable research experience.  Additionally, I have found the community of San Luis very welcoming and the proximity to Monteverde and Santa Elena a great asset.  The campus is located in an ideal location on the Pacific Slope for many types of ecological research projects.  Overall, I recommend UGA-CR to anyone considering research in Costa Rica.

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
Lynchburg University, VA