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The focus of my research is to analyze the tendencies of birds striking windows on campus with relation to variables that include the composition, structure, and behavior of bird populations, and to structural aspects such as the area and height of the windows of each building. This requires determining the species of birds that strike windows, their sex, age structure, distribution, and reproductive behavior, among others. 

Dendrocincla homochroa (Ruddy Woodpecker)

Dendrocincla homochroa (Ruddy Woodpecker)

This research will enable us to compile baseline data with regards to bird strikes in Costa Rica, a topic which is currently understudied. Additionally, we will implement the method of hanging strings on campus windows in order to prevent bird strikes and to test the effectiveness of this method compared to others.   

Other studies and experiments are also occurring on campus. For example, the scavenger experiment which aims to determine which species of animals feed on birds that are dead or injured as a result of bird strikes, and to document the behavior of these scavengers. 



Rose Marie Menacho Odio, Universidad Estatal a Distancia y Asociación Ornitológica de Costa Rica.

José J. Montero Ramírez, co-author, University of Georgia Costa Rica.

Staff members and volunteers of the University of Georgia Costa Rica, citizen science.

Visitors to the University of Georgia Costa Rica, citizen science.


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Martha Garro Cruz

Costa Rica Campus

Academic Programs Facilitator

San Luis de Monteverde


p: (506) 264-573-63